There are so many things in life that we try to balance. We attempt to keep everything moving. We struggle to find a balance between work, play, and rest. We endeavor to navigate this life without falling down or losing our footing, without failing. Finding balance begins in the core, soul searching, discovering what really matters.

This series of hands with objects explores our attempts to hold the things of our lives in balance juxtaposed against the backdrop of the faithful threads that seem to occur effortlessly around us..


Oil on Birch Wood Panel
30" x 48"
Original Available
$ 4,200

Do you have people in your life that have your back no matter what happens? Are you that person for someone else? Relationships can sometimes be like a house of cards. If we are not careful with them they can easily collapse. Relationships can be a struggle to keep in balance in our lives. 


When looking at the natural order of things, Bees are really interesting to observe. Bees live in a community and all work together to produce something really sweet. If you surround yourself with negative people who don't believe in you, who won't challenge you because they don't think you are worth it, and have absolutely no vision for their own lives you will wither away. When we are surrounded in life by people who love us, true friends that will encourage us, and are willing to challenge us when necessary, then we thrive. 


Be that person for others and you will find yourself a part of a community that does awesome things and has each others backs through thick and thin.

Smelling The Roses

Oil on Birch Wood Panel
60" x 15"
Original Available
$ 3,000