About The Artist

Those that really know the artist will give you a description of Alex that will most likely include the words fun, dreamer, imaginative, thinker, listener, observer, and even may include a little crazy in that mix (said in a good way if you ask his wife and 4 kids).

Alex Radin grew up in Long Island NY and has always loved creating. He does not have to be painting to approach things as an artist. It is simply who he is and that leaks into every area of his life. 

He has a gift for hyper focus along with being somewhat out of touch with the concept of time which lends itself nicely to his hyperrealistic style of painting.

Radin's work is steeped in symbolism and metaphor. Often when looking at one of his pieces there is a feeling that there is more to the story, something hidden below the surface, and apparently that is exactly what the artist wants the viewer to feel. 

Artist Alex Radin

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