Monday, 09 May 2016 20:00

4 Bridges Arts Festival 2016

Recently we packed up the fam, rented an RV, and headed to Chattanooga TN for the 4 Bridges Arts Festival. I was honored to win the Jurors Choice Award and met so many amazing artists. The location of the show was great taking place under an open air pavilion and I have not been a part of a festival that has had such great catering in the artists hospitality tent. Taco Mamacita is a new favorite and we look forward to visiting their Sullivans Island location. Now I am shifting gears and preparing a new body of work for Piccolo Spoleto and although we enjoy adventure we are happy to be home in Charleston SC.

This was a first time RV experience for us but the convenience of having a bathroom while traveling with 4 kids is something to consider if you are taking a road trip. It was an adventure to say the least and we are a little bit wiser and know what to check, what to avoid, and what to look for. Lets just say that clamps that hold the pipes together under the RV should be in working order before driving off and always look and see what is down around the wheel bed area before driving off. Amidst the comedy of errors we had a good time, the best of which was camping out on the last night, and have stories to tell. Would we do it again in terms of the RV retail? The jury is still out.

chattanooga tn 2016