Tuesday, 19 January 2016 23:55

You could win an original painting!

Many of you are familiar with my 365 Days Painting project. Well we are coming up on the year marker and I have posted a little contest where I am giving away a painting from this series. You could win! All you have to do is sign up.

You have between now and March 1st to guess how many paintings I will have completed by March 20th (the first day of spring 2016) which will be the marker for me of the end of this series. The person that is closest will win one free share giving them the opportunity to claim a painting. If you have already purchased shares, you still are eligible to win, but no two people can guess the same number.

Visit 365dayspainting.com and fill out the form to enter. Make sure you enter in accurate contact info or I may be unable to award you the painting, in which case it will go to the runner up. Thanks again for everyone who has supported my work over the years. The best is yet to come!

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