Wednesday, 14 March 2018 18:15

What I Learned Painting With My Wife

detail of thresholdMany of you know that Sara and I collaborate on all kinds of things. We began our relationship dreaming together and creating together. Over the years we have planned and coordinated art exhibits on various themes from solo shows to group exhibitions that have included over 40 artist, dancers, and musicians. We have renovated spaces together for pop up exhibits and turned rooms into installations, we have supported one another with ideas, critiques, and pretty much anything that was necessary to help one another bring forth whatever vision was in our hearts to create, but this is the first time in all those years we have created a series of paintings together. 

Our new series is called "Emergence" and I am very excited about this new work because it challenged me in so many ways. There was a major focus on strokes, at least more than usual, as I was very intentional as I painted even from the beginning and I had to remain conscious to leave areas of the canvas untouched when I normaly cover every square inch. We also made it a priority to have fun and not worry if we totally detroyed eachothers work and knew that if we had fun while creating then that would translate to the work itself.

detail of fading separationDuring the process I became even more aware of how I often avoid certain colors or favor others. Sara made choices I never would have made on my own that ended up pushing me to grow as an artist and strengthened and emboldened my own contribution to our collaboration. There was even a moment I was stuck on a decision involving color and value where she came in and said "Oh, I always saw this color over here in that area." and my initial response was that is just not going to work. After trying several combinations I decided to try what she was seeing and it was perfect.

We have many more collaborative pieces planned for the future but I will leave you with a taste of some of the details from several of the works you will get to see at the opening of "Emergence" on Wednesday March 21 at the Semi-Annual Operation Sight "Vision is Art" exhibit. We hope to see you there!

In case you have missed the details regarding the show the opening reception is on Wednesday, March 21st. Operation Sight’s “Vision Is Art” Semi-Annual reception is open to the public. Come enjoy artwork for sale by other local artists, appetizers, drinks, a raffle, and mingle with the artists and Operation Sight’s health care professionals and volunteers.

Operation Sight is helping to restore the vision and improve the lives of low-income, uninsured South Carolina residents by providing cataract surgery at no cost. You can find out more about Operation Sight here.

Last but definitely not least there will be a very special artist showing new works. Our daughter Elianna is showing new works from her Undiscovered Wonders" series. You can learn more about her art on her website