Monday, 01 May 2017 20:00

"Natural Process" finds its home in New York

We packed up the whole family and headed up I-95 for the long trip to Long Island, NY, in mid March to hang my solo show at Carson Gallery in Stony Brook, NY. This is where I grew up and I was able to show my kids the places Dad used to hang out and tell them about my childhood friends, bring them to my high school, and we were also able to visit my childhood home.

The kids had a blast and their hopes for snow were fulfilled. It was interesting to see how things have changed over the past 20 years and reminisce. I also was able to tangibly see how I have changed over the years in that I was freezing cold and was happy to get back to the warmer weather. But also some things had not changed so I left NY for Charleston with a few dozen Bagels from my favorite bagel shop on LI. Bagels keep really well if you freeze them right away and that is exactly what we did. So I had New York bagels with cream cheese and thanks to a visit from our good friend Michael who randomly surprised us with some lox I had the best breakfast of the year for several weeks ;)

I headed back up last week to pick up the work and to teach 3 studio art classes for students at The Stony Brook School. The school acquired “Natural Process” for its permanent collection, which I hope will be an inspiration to faculty and students alike for years to come.

natural process radin 800px